Progroup is championing the “Donations rather than gifts” initiative at four of our production sites to provide support and organise leisure activities for children and young people. Progroup express their thanks for the many donations that were transferred to the donation accounts as part of the Children are our future fundraising campaign. A total of almost €25,000 was raised and Progroup will add another €25,000 to this total so that each of the four fundraising projects will be given €12,500 to support children and young people.

Jürgen Heindl sums up the motivation to help as follows: “Children are our future – but only if we support their future.”

  • Kooperativer Hort Albert Einstein, Burg (Germany)

    Aim of the refuge
    Support and challenge children physically, emotionally and socially to enable them to think and act for themselves and thus take responsibility for themselves and others.

    Our motto: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal …” (Albert Einstein)

    Redesign of the play mountain mound

    Aim of the project
    Delight in active exercise, promotion of motor skills

    We would like to give the play mountain mound in our large open space an attractive design so that the children have the opportunity to utilise it in a multifunctional way and reconcile exercise with their natural surroundings. To do this, we would like:

    - a slope slide
    - wooden steps
    - greenery on the earth mound with a grass covering and various plants and ground cover to provide an additional place of retreat for children.

    “Cooperative Refuge” Albert Einstein
    Kirchhofstraße 3
    39288 Burg
    Tel. +49 (0) 3921 4827366 or +49 (o) 160 98954230

    Mrs Berger (Head of Refuge)

  • Wi-Wa-Wunderland e.V., Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany)

    Aims of the association:
    Promoting life skills for children, young people and families, getting young and old people involved, the public perception of the target groups and an appreciation of what they can do to create a cohesive social environment that is a joy to live in.

    Target group: Children aged 10 and above

    Aim of the project: People and paper 

    Motivation to address the subject of paper, delight in creative working and experimentation, fostering a sense of community and supporting social learning, encouraging processes of participation and involvement in the community.

    The project combines new stimuli with the interests and real-world experiences of the target group. It builds on the natural approach that children adopt in exploring the world. Every child brings their own individual experiences from their own particular background. These include both natural as well as social and cultural influences.

    Through joint experimentation and learning, children learn new and interesting things about paper, a medium they are already familiar with. They expand their horizons and have their discoveries, accomplishments and works taken seriously, which also means they learn appreciation. We enable them to immerse themselves in artistic processes and create the possibility for subjective approaches and comprehensive participation.

    Verein Wi-Wa-Wunderland ev.
    Kastanienstr. 10 – 12
    15890 Eisenhüttenstadt
    Tel. +49 (0) 3364 72141

    Mrs Brita Bärwolf-Meinel (expert/social education worker on site and Chair of the Association)

  • Mehrgenerationenhaus, Offenbach an der Queich (Germany)

    Aims of the organisation
    By offering an extensive range of courses and events, to enable mutual support and integration of the generations, to support the integration of refugees, to balance out social inequalities.

    Target group:

    Aims of the project: Extra tuition for children 
    Build on the subject matter taught at mainstream schools; oversee regular homework tasks; encourage a sense of community and support social learning.

    Extra tuition for pupils from primary and secondary schools. The extra tuition is provided in groups of no more than four children in the Multi-Generation House in Offenbach. For primary schoolchildren who come from a migrant and/or refugee background, it is provided twice a week free of charge as part of the full-day tuition that takes place in the facilities of Offenbach Primary School. Here the pupils, who attend the tuition at the recommendation of their school principal and teachers, are both taught important basics of the German language and receive supervision and support in doing their homework. As there is great demand for this, the tuition will be increased by a further two hours after the summer holidays.

    The extra tuition is provided exclusively by teaching students or teachers.

    Mehrgenerationenhaus Offenbach a.d. Queich
    Hauptstraße 9-11
    76877 Offenbach
    Tel. +49 (0) 6348 615246

    Mrs Simone Trauth-Heddergott (House Coordinator)

  • Haus der Kinder und Jugend, Rokycany (Czech Republic)

    Aims of the organisation
    Primary prevention through extra-curricular activities such as sport, artistic design, environmental protection, prevention of violence.

    Target group
    Children and young people Ziele des Projekts

    Aims of the project
    Promote enjoyment of physical exercise and artistic design, strengthen team spirit, achieve sporting and social goals by working together.

    Provide children and young people with materials and sporting equipment, arrange transport to the competitions and events, pay rents for the sports facilities.

    House for Children and Young People in the Town of Rokycany
    Čechova 1155
    33701 Rokycany
    Tel. +420 (0) 371 722 618

    Karel Vodicka, Tel. +420 (0) 606 294 714